General Questions

To accomplish purchasing an exclusive item in, you have to have your own premium account and sign up using the account. Then, select any of the items available in the homepage of After that, click the “Add to Cart” option and select another option namely “Secure Checkout” B in the cart page. Finally, select the payment method by which you wanna pull off your payment and after that, choose the “Pay Now” o ption to accomplish the purchase of your desired product.

One of the prominent benefits of purchasing a website template is the price. With the purchase completed, you get a top-notch and high-quality template only for around $30 to $100 depending on its quality. If you can afford spending money in-between $10-$100, then you can have a great template in order for designing your website. Besides, building a high-functioning template takes a lot of time (usually 5 to 20 days) for an expert designer to pull off a web page of high quality.

Therefore, upon purchasing a premium template means you will get a fabulous template without consulting with a web designer and without any effort. You only need to buy it from an authentic source.

Sales Questions

You can carry out purchasing any of our items using following methods:

  1. You can purchase via PayPal
  2. Pull off your purchase using your Stripe

You can get access to the purchase code in download items. So, you can purchase any of our items through the purchase code in download items of our website.

When the purchase is done, you can download the exclusive item, you have bought, right after the purchase. Here are the Steps to Download an item:

First, you need to access your premium account where you can get the “downloads” option. After entering into the “downloads”, you will get a list of the items downloaded. Then, click the “download item” of a particular product that you tend to download. With using “download item”, you can download your desired product in your desired format.

The prime difference between the regular and extended license is that under the regular license, your end product or item is distributed without any charge. But when it comes to extended license, your end product may be sold or is limited to paying customers.

In other words, you can use a regular license to create an application and distribute it to multiple persons free of charge. On the contrary, you can use an extended license to create an application and distribute it to selected persons as in theThemely marketplace.

Support Questions

There are many reasons for the unavailability of a purchased item in the market. So, to avoid the chance of the reason mentioned formerly, it is wise and thoughtful to download the purchased items as soon as possible to dodge the possibility of unavailability of that particular item.

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