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Please read through our Terms & Conditions carefully before access to our website. Because using our website, meaning you are entirely aware of our terms of use. These terms and conditions are applicable to all users, visitors, and others having access to our site. If you disagree with our terms, then your access to our services will be restricted. So, it is wise to take a close look at our conditions before proceeding. Besides, thethemely.com reserves the right to change, alter, or update any information on its site anytime without prior notice.

The Proprietary Rights

None, but we possess the rights of all the contents on our website. Visiting our site, theThemely.com, doesn't mean that you own any content, code, data, or materials you can access. If you claim to be the owner of our site, then we can take legal procedures against you. Please do not take the contents and materials for granted as we update and change them now and then.

The Process of Ordering

While ordering our products, you need to pay accordingly. We accept payment via Credit Card, PayPal, and Bank Transfers. At the time of payment, please come up with valid credit cards. Otherwise, your order will be terminated. theThemely.com retains all the rights to cancel any order at any time if necessary. Another important thing is that you will be asked to provide certain relevant information about you for a successful purchase during the order process. If you deny providing the necessary information, we are afraid that your order won't see the light. No one under the age of 18 is worthy of purchasing any products on our website.

Exclusion of Liability

theThemely.com doesn't hold responsibility for any errors in the customers' post, for the products or services sold via our website, for your action and inaction, or any damage to your device or browser. You must get into our services at your own risk, holding no one but you liable. Also, we can't guarantee you a nonstop service if our website encounters any issue.

Agreement to Indemnification

By accepting our terms & conditions, you agree to indemnify and hold our site, its director, officers, and employees harmless from any liabilities, costs, or damage that arises from your use of our website and any services you purchase through it.

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Our site contains links to third-party websites to provide services to its users and visitors. These websites and their contents are solely owned and operated by them. theThemely.com has no connection in this regard. Besides, our site doesn't promote and endorse any of its contents and materials and is not responsible for their operation and the way it conducts its customers. Plus, theThemely.com doesn't own and guarantee any of the services offered by third-party websites. It is totally up to the users' discreet, and they comply with third party contents at their own risk. Please, beware of the facts that any third-party contents and materials in no way reflect the views of theThemely.com. In short, our inclusion of the links doesn't mean our compliance with them at all.

Limited License

theThemely.com offers its customers a non-exclusive, non-commercial, non-transferable license for your personal use following our terms and conditions. Complying with our terms, you can have access to our website's contents via your computer or any other devices and can make a copy of the contents and services only for your personal use. You are not authorized to use or distribute any of these contents and data without our prior permission. Otherwise, you may break the USA's copyright and other laws, and you are only liable for such unauthorized action.

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theThemely.com solely owns the copyrights and trademarks of its published contents, materials, data, designs, graphics, images, logos, illustrations, templates, etc. Our entire website is registered and protected under the copyright laws of the USA. No one can use, rewrite, and alter our contents on another platform without our written permission. Otherwise, we hold the legal rights to sue you for your unauthorized and illegitimate use.

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